Published On: Fri, Sep 29th, 2017

Tories will be STRONGER after snap election as Theresa May vows to learn from mistakes

The Prime Minister failed to build on her majority in the June snap election that saw the Tories lose 12 seats but Mrs May has identified the areas of her campaign that are going to receive a radical alteration.

She said: “With a snap election, of course you have to do a little more from the centre in relation to the selection of candidates.

“But I think it’s in relation to ensuring that the campaign at the centre is reflecting what’s happening at the grassroots.”

The PM also reflected on the nature of a snap election and insisted that it does not allow for a party to completely prepare for a campaign.

In an interview with Michael Howard, the former leader of the Conservative Party, she claimed: “By definition, in a snap election you’ve not been able to prepare people for it.

“So out there people have to work quite quickly to put their local campaigns together and you do get slightly more of a central approach.

“We need to look at that very carefully and to make sure we get the connection between what people want to do locally and the central campaign.”

During the interview, the Prime Minister also emphasised the need to inform a younger generation of the need to keep the UK in free markets as they ““haven’t seen the problems that can occur when you don’t believe in free markets and sound management of the economy”.

These comments were shadowed by a conglomeration of remarks by the laughable Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who stated that capitalism is facing a “crisis of legitimacy” during his party’s conference in Brighton this week.

The out-of-touch lefties experienced a rightfully controversial week that saw the party clash with Brighton and Hove City Council due to anti-Semitism claims.

Mrs May will lead a more assured and united party conference in Manchester next week where she is reportedly planning to deliver two speeches.

The Conservative assembly will start on Sunday – the first of her speeches are expected to further discuss the lessons learned from June with the second focusing on the state of Brexit.

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